Courses at Minnesota:
  • Econ 8501: Wages and Employment (PhD level)
  • Econ 8185: Computational/Empirical Methods for Dynamic Economics (PhD level)
  • Econ 4968: Modern Economic Growth (Undergraduate)
“The thing, above all, that a teacher should endeavor to produce in his pupils, if democracy is to survive, is the kind of tolerance that springs from an endeavor to understand those who are different from ourselves. It is perhaps a natural human impulse to view with horror and disgust all manners and customs different from those to which we are used. Ants and savages put strangers to death. And those who have never traveled either physically or mentally find it difficult to tolerate the queer ways and outlandish beliefs of other nations and other times, other sects and other political parties. This kind of ignorant intolerance is the antithesis of a civilized outlook, and is one of the gravest dangers to which our overcrowded world is exposed.”
Bertrand Russell (1950)




























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