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  • Additional reading on Lecture 2:
    • Greg Kaplan and Gianluca Violante (2010): “How Much Consumption Insurance Beyond Self-Insurance? AEJ: Macro
    • Heathcote Jon, Kjetil Storesletten and Gianluca Violante (2014): “Consumption and Labor Supply with Partial Insurance: An Analytical Framework,” AER
  • Reading assignment for next class (Feb 13): 
    • *Gabaix, Xavier, “Power Laws in Economics and Finance,” Annual Review of Economics (2009), 1, 255– 93.
    • *Benhabib and Bisin (2018), “Skewed Wealth Distributions: Theory and Empirics,” Journal of Economic Literature.
    • Angeletos, G.-M. (2007). “Uninsured idiosyncratic investment risk and aggregate saving” Review of Economic Dynamics.

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